Cork 2.0: The Parentage Arrive


Two days after I got home from my Scandinavian adventure, my parents came. I actually met them right as they showed up to the bed and breakfast, after they had had a nightmare with the rented car: wrong side, one way streets, the works. So they were a bit tuckered out. But eventually they rallied, and proceeded to have a wonderful time with the best tour guide in the world. I even taught Mom how to say ‘hello’ in Gaelic. (It’s complicated.)

So for this part of their trip, it was all stuff that I’ve already seen, so this will be a slideshow, for the most part.


It’s said that if you step on this seal, you’ll get pregnant. I’ve stomped on it upward of eight times by now. Am I chancing fate? Maybe. Bring it on!

This was just the door of an entire fence capped with cans and bottles. Note the broccoli.

Kinsale and Charles Fort:

This dog was in the exact same place both times we passed him. Cute, eh?

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