Monthly Archives: August 2011

Welcome to the Wonderful World of JET LAG


I’m full of energy. I’m bouncing off of the walls. Never mind that I only got two hours of sleep – I’m doing great!

Okay, GOTCHA! I’m so exhausted I realized on the plane from London to Madrid that I was crying because my eyes were so tired. Other than that, I’m doing fine. No one has stolen my money, my possessions, or my life (yet), and I’m situated in a four star hotel in downtown Madrid ready to start the tour (once I’ve gotten some serious sleep).

The flights were everything I thought that they’d be – cramped in a small space with people that smell funny, eating strange synthetic food, and hoping that the airplane wouldn’t crash and burn on the landing. Thankfully, everyone was friendly, even when I pestered people at the Boston terminals for the right place to check in (the people at the bus station told me Gate E when it was supposed to be Gate B, fun fun fun). Another bonus: no terrorists and no body searches. I guess I just look too harmless. Should I work on that?

I’ve met loads of people in the group that will be going to Bilbao with me – no chainsaw killers yet, another relief. It’s really nice not to have to travel alone.

After this I go to a dinner downstairs where they will orientate us, percolate us, titillate us, agitate us, and segregate us…or something. Tomorrow is a tour of the city, Segovia the day after that, then Toledo on the third day.

Further posts to follow…but only after I lie down and completely and thoroughly die for the night. I shall resurrect a new person (at least one without circles under her eyes).


I’m in the Blogosphere!


This post basically means nothing. I haven’t gone anywhere yet. I’m sitting in the tangled mess in my room and wondering how it will all coalesce into one large-ish rolling bag and one backpack. So this is just a big waste of your time, except for the fact that you now know how to get in the know with every single thing that I do…everything interesting, anyway. There will be pictures and perhaps a shout-out or two, but as for now, nada. Zip. A big, fat, zero. This blog will be less hopelessly boring once I get to Spain, but until then, you’d best hold your breath and wait for the cows to come home.

I can give you no promises about this blog except that it will not be wholly devoted to cheese or obscure dairy references, but anything else is fair game.